избелване фасети периодонтити гангрена грануломи стоматологичен кабинет белите брези д-р Христо Димитров   стоматологичен кабинет стоматолог зъболекар лекар дентална медицина белите брези красно село -  камъчета за зъби инкрустации twinkles д-р Христо Димитров  Dr. Hristo Dimitrov зъбобол софия стоматолог металокерамика чиста керамика мостове корони фотополимер  протези  valplast кореново лечение лечение на пулпити    почистване на зъбен камък ултразвук air flow пародонтит гингивит бруксизъм инкрустации естетични керамични    зъболекар  софия център широк стоматолог  мост корона zirkon циркон цирконий бруксизъм пародонтоза екстракция мъдреци ретинирани абсцеси грануломи безболезнено валпласт пулпитолечение зъбобол пломби частна дентална практика апикална остеотомия

Teeth Grinding
Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry


"Bruxism" means grinding and/or clenching of teeth. It is  a nonfunctional habit  that  can occur while awake or asleep. Grinding your teeth while asleep is more of a problem since most people will grind their teeth much harder  than they ever would while awake.  Such "Nocturnal Bruxism"  is a very common sleep behavior that a many people will experience at some time in their lives.

A  nightguard is the best treatment for bruxism. A night guard is a thin piece of hard plastic made from impressions of your teeth placed on the upper or lower teeth. The nightguard is hard enough to be durable, but since it is softer than teeth it will protect them from wear.

    Bruxism is a problem if evidence of worn enamel exists and/or if painful jaw symptoms develop. One can grind their teeth so hard that significant amounts of tooth structure can be lost over time. This insidious destruction of enamel can be quite extensive, causing more loss of tooth structure than even severe tooth decay. Typically this happens with no awareness by the patient since there is no pain or visible cavities in the teeth. One major goal of a nightguard  is to stop this destruction of tooth structure as soon as possible. Otherwise, the teeth effected would need extensive, costly dental work to be restored.

    Often nighttime bruxism is accompanied by pain in the jaw joint and/or muscles. Even if no pain is present, wearing a nightguard may aid in preventing the development of this painful problem, and protect the jaw joints from excessive pressure that may lead to damage in them.

    You need to wear the night guard each night for it to work properly.

Destruction of enamel
Night guard
Night guard
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